How Does James Carville Add 'Diversity' to a Paper?

The Hill newspaper is a Washington insider publication, a daily tabloid when Congress is in session. So naturally, its not surprising that editor-in-chief Hugo Gurdon is delighted to sign up James Carville as a columnist.

In a statement at Politico, Gurdon declared “We are so pleased to include his unique take on current affairs. James will be an ideal complement to our diverse and prominent line-up of contributors.” As if a hack partisan liberal view is so rare in Washington media! Usually, liberals don't start their "diversity" chart with old white men. (Carville will turn 69 in October.)

Diversity isn't really evident in The Hill stable of contributors. Its listing of columnists at the top of the Opinion section  features 12 men and three women. Then you discover liberal Karen Finney hasn't written since March 4. Conservative Cheri Jacobus has written one article in all of 2013.

It would me more accurate for Gurdon to proclaim, "We just didn't have enough columnists to say the Republicans are dangerously stupid and ruin everything they touch." Here's a snippet of Carville's first screed:

This reminds me of the situation that rests before the United States Congress. The president is seeking approval for action in Syria from the Congress. But the modern Republican Party hasn’t gotten a single thing right this century. I mean, let’s face it — even the Palm waiters had a winner now and then. Because modern Republicanism and modern conservatism have gotten not a single thing right in a century that is almost 15 percent over, why do we have any reason to believe they will get this war vote right?

However you feel about President Obama’s decision to take the Syria vote to Congress, it’s clear that he is betting Republicans will, for whatever reason, come on board and get something right for the first time this century. 

I’m a “just the facts, ma’am” kind of guy. And the facts are that the Republican Party, on both foreign and domestic policy, has gotten it all wrong. This is not to say they didn’t get it all wrong in the last century too, but we have now incontrovertible proof of massive ineptitude, disregard for facts and plain stupidity. 

Seriously, leaving this in the hands of Republicans is dangerous.

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