Chuck Todd on Obama’s MLK 50 Address: ‘I Thought it Was a Very Post-Racial Speech'

Within moments of President Obama finishing his address at the 50th anniversary celebration of Martin Luther King Jr’s March on Washington, the liberal media began with fawning and gushing guaranteed to last for at least a week.

Take for example NBC chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd who on MSNBC actually said, “I thought it was a very post-racial speech” (video follows with transcript and commentary):

CHUCK TODD, NBC CHIEF WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: I thought it was a very post-racial speech. The president has always wanted to be seen as a post-racial political leader, right? It was from the, and to me, there's a string in this speech that starts as far as his national profile, that starts with the remarks he made in that 2004 speech, which arguably launched his national political career, to the race speech in 2008, something that he had to give at the time, he was in a political crisis, to the remarks he's given when he gave a speech at Morehouse College just a few months ago at that commencement that included both tough love for the African-American community, particularly talking to African-American men. So there's a really familiar, to me a familiar strain here of what the president is trying to always wanting to be, which is not viewed as the first African-American president, but this person that is presiding over an America that is more multicultural, more multiracial, post-racial America, acknowledging the issues of the past, acknowledging those things. But, to me, that was what was fascinated about it.

Really, Chuck? You thought that was post-racial?

Since Obama was inaugurated, everything he's done has been anything BUT post-racial.

From his handling of the Skip Gates/Cambridge Police Department affair in his first year in office to his comments concerning Trayvon Martin, Obama has done everything in his power to divide America along racial lines.

Even prominent members of the black community have publicly stated that racial tensions are higher in this country since the junior Senator from Illinois was elected.

As such, to claim anything this man does is "post-racial" is an insult to the intelligence of every American that knows better.

Nice try, though.

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