Sharpton Guest: Hannity, Limbaugh and O'Reilly 'Incessantly Beat Up On Blacks'

People familiar with Earl Ofari Hutchinson know him to be one of the biggest race-baiters in the nation.

On Al Sharpton's radio show Monday, Hutchinson claimed conservative commentators Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Bill O'Reilly "incessantly beat up on blacks" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

EUNICE IN CHICAGO, CALLER, “KEEPING IT REAL WITH REVEREND AL SHARPTON”: You know when I hear these white people call in talking about what they're sick and tired of, I'm black and I'm sick of all these racist Congressman the Limbaughs the Hannitys Becks and Palins who are racist to the core. You don't hear them call in talking about that. Everything the President tries to do as far jobs and everything else they're blocking it. The same people that went along with all this garbage with Bush-Cheney they're now talking about the President is not doing when everything he tries to do they block it.

ANDRE EGGELLETION (GUEST HOST): I really appreciate that. Earl your thoughts about what Eunice had to say.

EARL OFARI HUTCHINSON (GUEST): Well, and I'm glad she brought that up. That's true and Andre we've had innumerable discussions about how the right side, the GOP, they've done everything under the sun to make this man, this president and this presidency a failed presidency. And, you know, once again circling back on something, you know these rightwing gabbers, the Hannitys the Limbaughs and the rest of them, the O'Reillys that they incessantly beat up on blacks because somehow in their mind they're feeding the propaganda mill that blacks are the racists, the violent-prone ones, and the haters of whites, and, basically, there's no racism in America except that comes from blacks. I mean that's the line…

ANDRE EGGELLETION: Ha ha ha ha ha!

EARL OFARI HUTCHINSON: Well, that's basically their line.

ANDRE EGGELLETION: Yup you're right.

Pretty disgusting, isn't it?

Readers are reminded that in July, Hutchinson referred to conservative talkers as "professional assassins of African-Americans."

And people wonder why racism is on the rise.

Consider that most people listening to Sharpton's show have likely never heard Hannity, Limbaugh, or O'Reilly.

They get their information concerning what these and other conservative talkers say from the liberal media.

As such, their opinion of these folks is totally misinformed.

And people such as Hutchinson are part of the misinformation campaign.

So much for a post-racial society.

Of course, if we ever really entered a post-racial era, these folks would all be out of business.

Maybe some day the liberal media will understand that, and come to the conclusion that as long as they give these race-baiters a platform, racism will never end.

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