New Yorker Mag Cover Depicts Empire State Building as Anthony Weiner's Genitals

Is nothing sacred? Next week's cover of New Yorker magazine features a drawing of disgraced mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner straddling the Empire State Building with the top spire obviously representing his genitals:

Artist John Cuneo explained how he came up with the idea:

“With a topic like Anthony Weiner, how can you find anything broad or funny that he hasn’t already personally breached? Free association made me think of the Empire State Building, and then King Kong, the iconic image of him straddling it. And then Weiner sexting, his head tilted and looking a certain way—I just stumbled upon the image as I was sketching. But all I could think about while working on this piece was, ‘Will Weiner still be in the race by the time it runs?’”



The New Yorker has a history of edgy, oftentimes controversial covers, but will New Yorkers appreciate their most cherished and iconic building being depicted as Anthony Weiner's penis?

Stay tuned.

New Yorker Anthony Weiner
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