Reporter: Hillary Was Like a Fortune 500 CEO, Can't Blame Her for Benghazi

Former Los Angeles Times national security writer Josh Meyer appeared Tuesday on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal to discuss WikiLeaks and Edward Snowden. Late in the segment, a caller declared that Hillary Clinton should be considered a traitor for “what she did in Benghazi, and what she did in Palestine, and how she represents Israelis at the UN.”

Meyer trotted out the usual excuses-for-Hillary line. The State Department is like a Fortune 500 company, and you can’t expect the CEO to know everything:

The Benghazi case, I think, is a very controversial one. I think that, very briefly, my take on that would be that, um, if you’re managing a Fortune 500 company, essentially which is like the State Department, something  that large, it’s hard to really blame the person at the top for events on the ground that are happening in real time.

Meyer isn’t always this agreeable. On leak probes by the Department of Justice, Meyer staked out the journalist’s territory: "There's a red line that no other administration has crossed before that the Obama administration has blown right past,'' he told USA Today in May.

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