Olbermann Attacks O’Reilly Over Talk Show Call (VIDEO)

Keith Olbermann did another Bill O'Reilly hate segment on tonight's edition of Countdown. Like he did on Friday, Olbermann bashed O'Reilly because the FOX News host dropped a caller who mentioned Keith's name on his daily radio show. The caller claims that he did not say any profanity when he was on the radio show, however due to at least a 7-second delay, we do not know what happened. It is probable that the caller uttered some profane language because he was in the middle of the sentence when he was cut off. Many on the left side of the aisle say that the caller was kicked off because he said Olbermann's name, but if that was the case, why would O'Reilly air that part of the conversation? O’Reilly sent FOX News Security after the caller because of harassment, so one can only imagine that he did much more than Olbermann’s name.

Video follows.

Keith Olbermann played the clip of the exchange between O'Reilly and the caller. Olbermann then played a clip of Al Franken, who he calls "his friend", who made an promotion to recruit people to join FOX News Security. He was giggling like a little girl in prior to playing the audio. At least Keith admits who his friends are. Later in the segment he made another reference to an Air America host. What a surprise, he listens to Air America.

The caller, who said his name was “Mike” on O’Reilly’s radio show, went by the name “Mick” when he “appeared” on Countdown this evening. Countdown added more drama to the fire by hiding “Mick”’s face because he was scared FOX News Security would go after him after him. Olbermann built up the drama more by admitting that he has had some “perverse fun” with O’Reilly; however is getting serious now because of this matter.


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