Jessica Chastain Denies Being Up for Role as Hillary Clinton

NewsBusters reported last Sunday that Jessica Chastain was one of four gorgeous actresses up for the part of Hillary Clinton in the planned 2016 biopic "Rodham."

According to Digital Spy, Chastain denied this during a discussion with journalists at Saturday's Sound of Change concert in London.

"No, that's actually not true," the "Zero Dark Thirty" star said when asked about the rumor. "I found out about the project online, but, yeah, there's a lot of stuff out there."

Makes you wonder if the entire report at Britian's Indepedent was nonsense, and that not only hasn't Chastain been approached, but neither have Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon, and Amanda Seyfried.

It's also curious why Chastain would deny this even if it wasn't true.

As an actress, would you ever want to pushback on being considered for a role unless it's one you didn't want?

On the other hand, as I felt that of the four Chastain was the one that most closely resembled a young Rodham, that shows you how much I know about Hollywood's inner-workings.

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