Gabler: MSM Drinks Bush Kool-Aid by Portraying Him as Strong Man of Conviction

And here we thought the MSM was biased against President Bush. Wrong! On this evening's Fox News Watch, reliable lefty Neal Gabler informed us that just the opposite is true. Turns out. . . the MSM has uncritically propagated an overly positive image of the president. Who knew?

Gabler's shocking revelation came in the course of a discussion of the recent Katrina revisionism. In particular, News Watch aired footage from an ABC interview from this past week in which the president made this frank acknowledgement:

"Here's the problem that happened in Katrina. There was no situational awareness, and that means that we weren't getting good, solid information from people who were on the ground, and we need to do a better job. One reason we weren't is because communications systems got wiped out, and in many cases we were relying upon the media, who happened to have better situational awareness than the government. And when you have the media [with] better situational awareness than the government, the American people are saying, 'Wait a minute. What is happening? How come the federal Government and state government and local governments couldn't do a better job of providing information necessarily so that people could react better?"

Conservative columnist Jim Pinkerton predicted the MSM would seize on this and other material that has recently emerged to Bash bush. Gabler agreed, in these terms:

"Reporters have been drinking Kool-Aid so long about this adminstration: strong man, man of his convictions, popular. Turns out he's weak, doesn't have many convictions, unpopular. When they have the opportunity to revise this presidency they lept on it. There is nothing new in this tape, this is the same old stuff. He screwed up! How many times can you say he screwed up?"

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