Matthews Gets It Wrong: Inaccurately Claims MA GOP Candidate Is 'Pro-Gun, Pro Assault Rifle'

Chris Matthews won't let facts get in the way of his attacks on Republicans. On Wednesday's Hardball, he recapped the GOP Senate primary in Massachusetts to fill John Kerry's seat. Matthews inaccurately described Gabriel Gomez, a former Navy SEAL as "pro-gun, pro-assault rifle and pro-life."

In reality, Gomez's own website notes: "The President and the Congress must act now to forge consensus and compromise to close the gun show loophole, and to keep weapons out of the hands of those with mental health issues." The Boston Globe in March reported that Gomez sent a letter to the state's Democratic governor. On guns, he insisted, "I support the positions President Obama has taken on these issues and you can be assured I will keep my word and work on these issues as I have promised." Looks like Matthews should check his facts before launching into a rant.

On the issue of abortion, Gomez describes:

I am a proud Catholic, and pro-life.

But Roe v Wade is settled law. Politicians spend way too much time on divisive issues that are already decided and far too little time on fixing our economy.

It looks as though Gomez won't exactly be pushing the pro-life agenda. Matthews is either ignorant of the Republican's actual views or trying to distort them. 

A transcript of the May 1 segment is below:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: It's U.S. Congressman Ed Markey against Republican Gabriel Gomez to succeed John Kerry in the U.S. Senate for Massachusetts. Markey beat fellow Congressman Stephen Lynch 57-43 last night in the Democratic primary. And Gomez, a former Navy SEAL who is pro-gun, pro-assault rifle and pro-life took 51 percent of his primary against two other Republicans. Gomez is already trying to paint Markey, a 37 year veteran of Congress as a creature of Washington. While Markey is touting his record on issues that matter to Massachusetts voters most. The special election coming up on June 25th.

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