Bozell: MSNBC Stands for 'My Son Needs to Belong to the Collective'

Melissa Harris-Perry declaring in an ad that we must “break through” the “private notion” that “your kid is yours” because “kids belong to whole communities” is an outrage. This isn’t what Mediaite called “a collection of tired progressive cliches on steroids.” This is shredding the notion of family, replacing it with the commands of the state.

MSNBC has awarded itself a new acronym: My Son Needs to Belong to the Collective. How do you sell a private network with this dreadful collectivist advertising?

In their hidebound leftist ideology, the “better investment” is always the government “investment.” This is the same woman we gave the “Quote of the Year” award to in 2012 because the Fourth of July reminded her most of imperialism, genocide, and slavery. This is the woman who has repeatedly referred to an unborn child as a “thing” that’s invaded the uterus.

The Catholic blogger The Crescat put it this way:

Lookit, crazy lady, kids are not commodities to use for your own convenience, like when it conveniently advances your agenda. Take for example when the DNC banned children from attending their Charlotte convention last year… yet liberals continue to use them like puppies at every turn to advance gun restrictions.

You cannot in one breath claim to care for the well being of children and their education by demanding they belong to the state instead of to their parents and then in the very next breath call them “things” that “may” turn into humans if left to be born. Do we love kids and want to protect them, or debate their person-hood to determine how late in their development we can kill them?

It’s like I’m in crazy town.

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