Politico's Mike Allen: If Romney Loses He'll Blame Hurricane Sandy

The mainstream media are attempting to create a self-fulfilling prophecy that Hurricane Sandy has saved Barack Obama's re-election chances.

On MSNBC's Morning Joe Thursday, Politico's Mike Allen said, "You're already hearing Republicans hint that if Mitt Romney loses, that he'll blame the storm" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

WILLIE GEIST, CO-HOST: Mike, is that consistent with what you're hearing including Republican elites suggesting that, some Republican elites suggesting that President Obama is inching ahead here?

MIKE ALLEN, POLITICO: It is. And you're already hearing Republicans hint that if Mitt Romney loses, that he'll blame the storm. The people around him will cite that as a cause, that they had momentum, but it stopped cold. And I can tell you that here in Washington, those elites that Mark Halperin is talking about, when they see this expand-the-map effort by the Republican campaign by Republican Super PACs - Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Michigan - what they don't see is confidence. What they see is an effort to conjure a momentum narrative, to keep that going. I think we're going to see the Romney campaign double down even more on that, but more out of confidence, it comes from trepidation about Ohio. Republican elites starting to ask are those really a series of Hail Marys because they think Ohio isn't in the cards.

Do you believe that's what the polls are currently showing?

The reality is that with five days to go before Election Day, this race is very close.

As such, the goal of the mainstream media is to do everything in its power to make Americans feel that isn't the case, and try to create a self-fulfilling prophecy by claiming Obama's going to win.

They do this for two reasons. First, to depress potential Romney supporters enough to hopefully keep them from the polls.

Second, since folks like to vote for a winner, such talk could get fence-sitters out of their homes Tuesday to back what they believe is the leading horse.

My suggestion: don't buy it, especially from a guy who writes for a publication that has been pro-Obama since its founding and has been trashing every Republican presidential candidate for two years.

(HT NB reader cobokat)

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