Clinton: Prez Race Only Close Because 'Impatient' Americans 'Don't Understand' Economy's Improving

The only reason the presidential race is close is because Americans are too impatient and don't understand that the economy is actually doing better than they feel it is.

So said former President Bill Clinton at an Obama campaign event in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Friday.

According to the Associated Press, Clinton told about 2,200 Obama supporters, "This shouldn't be a race. The only reason it is is because Americans are impatient on things not made before yesterday and they don't understand why the economy is not totally hunky-dory again."

In Clinton's view, despite improvement in the unemployment rate, "people don't feel it yet."

Maybe the reason "people don't feel it yet" is because millions of Americans are still unemployed or under-employed, and the headline statistics out of the Labor Department don't accurately reflect what's really going on in the nation.

Not surprisingly, Clinton didn't say that, but instead told the assembled, "Gov. Romney acts like from the minute the president took his hand off the Bible he was responsible for every lost job."

Well, that is what happens when a new captain takes over a ship, isn't it?

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