Alterman Update: Pats Self on Back Following Up on Tucker Carlson Debate

In today's entry on his blog, Eric Alterman writes, apropos of his recent media-bias debate with Tucker Carlson, that he and Carlson "seem to have started a useful argument over [on the letters page of] Romenesko...with this one making...the clearest argument, methinks." 

"This one," in case you don't feel like following the link, is a missive from John Martellaro, who contrasts two of Alterman's statements from the debate with two of Carlson's, then comments, "OK, so we have verifiable facts coming from the left, vs. unsourced blather and empty talking points coming from the right."

Gee, I wonder why Alterman liked the letter so much?

If Martellaro's letter sounds familiar, maybe you read Tim Graham's evisceration of it earlier today on NewsBusters. 


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