On FNC, Ratner Dry-Eyed for Mrs. Alito: "If You Can't Play DC Game, You Shouldn't Be in It"

Judging by her comments on this morning's Fox & Friends, a five-week hiatus to attend to a detached retina has done nothing to mollify Ellen Ratner's malice. Only the bitterest of partisans would have said this, as did Ratner, of Mrs. Alito's very public distress at her husband's treatment at the hands of Senate Dems:

"Washington is a tough game. If you cannot play it, you shouldn't be in it."

Perhaps realizing that she had pushed the acrimony meter too far, Ratner added some boiler plate about "feeling sorry" for Mrs. Alito. But the cat was already out of the bag as to what was truly in Ratner's heart.

When talk turned to Harry Belafonte's allegation, made while standing alongside Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, that Pres. Bush is "the world's biggest terrorist," even Ratner had to acknowledge that Harry should have crooned another tune:

"He should not have said that; it was just unacceptable for him to say."

But no sooner were the words out of her mouth than Ratner was plumping for more US welfare to the world:

"That being said we have got to work on our image in the world. We have got to give more of our Gross National Product to foreign aid."

Seems that, in Ratner's mind, giving a few more millions to corrupt dictators will do more for our "image" than giving a shot at democracy to millions around the world.

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