CNN & Iraqi Medical Care

This morning, CNN ran a report (watch) on the plight of Iraqi parents who can't find emergency care for their very sick children, and how

Sanctions, war, and the insurgency have cripple Iraq's
once-exemplary medical care....Now there is only one way to make sure
her young patients survive: "They need to go outside of Iraq."

Right. All of which wouldn't have happened except for the US. Saddam's wasting of his country's youth and treasure in constant wars against his neighbors had nothing to do with it. His command economy had nothing to do with it. Prior to the US sanctions and invasion, Iraq was no doubt a medical paradise, with the latest in advanced care universally available with no waiting time.


The pain that these families feel is real. But the point of this story is to blame the US for something that's not its fault, that it is, in fact, improving, and to simultaneously throw cold water on the one Iraqi feel-good story that the MSM has bothered to report on in the last year - Baby Noor.

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