NYT Editor Andrew Rosenthal Classy As Ever: 'Can't Santorum Leave His Daughter, Bella, Alone?'

New York Times Editorial Page editor Andrew Rosenthal displayed his usual class, charm, and mastery of current events in his Twitter posts leading up to and through the start of the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

Before Tuesday night, Rosenthal didn't seem very clued in to the news, posting this on Monday: "If the GOPers love Chris Christie so much, why is he scheduled to speak tomorrow after 10 pm, when no one will be watching? Some keynote." He later stated: "Was wrong before about the timing of Christie speech. 10-11 is prime time for convention. Hope nothing really good on at that time." Oops.

The previous day he linked to a Times story with this tweet: "Romney is going to get more combative. Be ready for more birther nonsense and other GOP propaganda."

Rosenthal really got mean on Tuesday night, after Republican speaker and former Romney rival Rick Santorum mentioned his ill daughter Bella in his speech: "Can't Santorum leave his daughter, Bella, alone?"

James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal, a cogent critic of Rosenthal, responded on Twitter: "Classy as ever."

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