WashPost Victorious: Va. Senate Kills 'Tebow Bill' That Paper Editorialized Against

Ten days ago I noted how the Washington Post had its editorial knives out against the so-called Tebow bill, a piece of legislation in the Virginia General Assembly that would require public high schools in the Old Dominion to allow homeschoolers to try out for varsity sports teams. I noted that in three separate occasions, the Post editorialized against the bill. There were, however, no op-eds written by a supporter of the bill.

Fast forward to today, as the Post's Anita Kumar is reporting a Virginia Senate panel has killed the bill. I ran a quick check of the Nexis database and found no change since February 20 on reporting on the "Tebow bill." That is to say, in the three weeks that this issue has been presented to Post readers, the paper at no time offered readers with an op-ed in defense of the legislation. Sure, a handful of pro-Tebow bill letters-to-the-editor were published, but no full-length opinion piece by a sponsor of the bill or a homeschooler was published for the benefit of Post readers.

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