Scarborough & Dean Brawl Over Dem/Union Obstruction Of Education Reform

Howard Dean: "I need to take you on a tour of America's public schools; that's what I need to do." Joe Scarborough: "I've been fighting for education reform for a generation, and every time we've tried to reform schools . . . it was the Democratic party on the House floor and on the Senate floor and in the White House that stood in the way. I do not need lectures from you on education reform."

And that was the polite part of the exchange! But seriously, Joe Scarborough and Howard Dean had a big-time brawl on today's Morning Joe on the subject of education reform.  Dean defended teachers unions and their Dem lackeys, while Scarborough, who has made education reform a theme of his show, denounced the Dem-union cabal that has thwarted real reform every step of the way.  Video after the jump.

Watch the video and see the sparks fly.  Note in particular how Dean, trying to make the case that teacher unions support reform, cites a charter school in NYC established by a teachers union.  Scarborough pounces, essentially calling the school a Potemkin  village designed to give the unions cover and provide talking points to their defenders like Dean. 

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