Schizophrenic Newsweek Warns of 'Overconsumption Binge' and Touts Very Overpriced Goods

The January 9/16 issue of Newsweek has an article on how "America's overconsumption binge has left consumers with piles of unsettled bills. Meet the debt collectors going to scary lengths to collect." That starts on page 52.

Eleven pages later, on page 63, Newsweek shows it's very One Percent in its tastes. Stylist Brad Goreski has a new show on Bravo called "It's a Brad, Brad World," and in the "Want" section they're promoting $3,000 coats and $2,000 table lamps:

-- The Elder Statesman Smoking Jacket "The cashmere is so incredibly soft. It's a chic, cozy winter look!" $2,965;

-- Table Lamps by Mark Ayrd "I saw these online and need them in my home office. So elegant and unique." $1,950

-- Milo Baughman Dresser "Rosewood with gold trm. I fantasize about owning this one day." $3,250;

They also tout "Christian Louboutin No Limit Sneakers," which sound like an expensive Michelle Obama sneaker.

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