DNC 'Dinner with Barack' Features More-Government Constituencies

On Friday morning's Early Show, CBS news anchor Terrell Brown reported: "President Obama had dinner at a Virginia restaurant last night with four donors to his reelection campaign, but not the wealthy contributors usually seen at fundraisers. They won a 'Dinner with Barack' contest -- two retirees, a postal worker, and a small business owner."

They won dinner with Obama, a round-trip plane ticket, and a night in a hotel. This DNC fundraising schtick might draw small donors, but the final four were a natural Democratic audience. As one wag at MRC joked in our e-mail:

Retiree = Gets gov't Social Security check every month
Retiree = ditto
Postal worker = Gets gov't paycheck twice a month

Small business owner = has to pay for the other three, plus Obama

USA Today reported details: "The donors were identified as: Juanita Martinez, a retired teacher from Brighton, Colo.; Wendi Smith, an artist and retired professor from Corydon, Ind.; Ken Knight, a U.S. Postal Service employee from Chandler, Ariz.; and Casey Helbling, an entrepreneur and small-business owner from Minneapolis."

Was it some kind of joke that the restaurant that the Democrats picked was The Liberty Tavern?

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