New York Times Etiquette Columnist Takes Time to Write Chiding Note to GOP Gov. Scott Walker

Not even the light sections of the New York Times Sunday paper offer an escape from politics. In “Social Q’s,” his Sunday Styles column on modern etiquette, Philip Galanes got political when answering a question from Amanda from Grand Island, N.Y., criticizing Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for teacher bashing during his recent battle to reduce the influence of public-sector unions.

Q: I asked one of my professors if he would write a letter of recommendation for an internship I was applying for. He did, and I thanked him. And I got it. Am I supposed to thank him again? I don’t know the protocol.

A: Never scrimp on thanking folks, Amanda, especially when you’ve got good news to share. Your professor will be pleased to hear that you got the gig. Strange as it may seem, your success is part of his professional reward. Teachers are so embattled these days, we should all take a moment to thank them -- even the governor of Wisconsin, who wouldn’t have gotten where he is without a few good ones.

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