How Much Do NPR Listeners Hate Fox News? Very Intensely

On the April 7 All Things Considered, NPR's David Folkenflik reported on Fox News anchor Bret Baier, and announced his own research showed Baier's "all-star" panel on Special Report was very tilted to the conservative side. But none of that apparently pleased NPR fans. On Monday night, anchors read from the listener mail, and they were furious Fox was even considered on All Things Considered:

ROBERT SIEGEL: Debra Craig of Rochester, New York, was not impressed. She writes this: Wow. I am not listening to NPR to hear stories about Fox News or Fox News reporters. It is pretty obnoxious and a very blatant attempt to present the fair and balanced the far right conservatives bully you for [sic]. Please don't. It insults the intelligence and sensibilities of the rest of us, your listeners and supporters.

And we heard this from Gregory Adamo of Metuchen, New Jersey: I was surprised that you waited almost a week to do your April Fools segment. Treating the Republican propaganda machine as a legitimate news organization must be a joke.  

Liberals claim to be "open-minded," but NPR listeners think the words Fox News should not be uttered on the taxpayer-subsidized radio stations, since it "insults the intelligence and sensibilities" of NPR supporters. From there, the anchors read letters from liberals furious that NPR would report on Paul Ryan's human side. They don't want that mentioned, either. Again comes that mockery of Fox:

MELISSA BLOCK: And Barbara Fibich weighs in with this from Middleton, Wisconsin: What's with the cutesy little piece telling us about how he drove a wienermobile and is an extreme fitness buff? How about some serious information about how he is proposing a budget that is more hurtful and destructive to the middle class and poor than anything in the history of our republic? I am disappointed. If I want a right-wing love-fest, I can find it on Fox.  

NPR didn't mention that Gregory "Fox News is a joke" Adamo is...a professor of media studies at Morgan State University.  

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