Greens vs. Obama When 'Solar Decathlon' Destroys Grass

The national media often don't like covering when liberals fight each other. On Sunday, Washington Post reporter Darryl Fears found the fossil fuel-haters are furious that Obama's Energy Department has kicked the "Solar Decathlon" off its grand stage on the grass of the Mall in Washington...because it makes a mess: 

The decathlon has taken place on the Mall four times, most recently in 2009, and each time federal officials were stunned by the mess it made. Heavy trucks and cranes that put two-story houses in place cracked walkways and tore up grass, they said. The houses sat for about two weeks in 2009, leaving dead grass by the time they were removed.

The standoff sets the stage for a green-vs.-green fight over who will be allowed to use what is quaintly called "America's front yard." Although the Energy Department is the event's sponsor, and its chief, Steven Chu, strongly supports it, the department is standing firm on the eviction.

Chu is facing angry ultraliberals on this one:

But the students have powerful allies. Democratic Sens. John F. Kerry (Mass.), Patrick J. Leahy (Vt.), Barbara Boxer (Calif.) and at least nine others signed a sharply worded letter asking Chu to reconsider.

Obama's soaring speech and the administration's actions have sent mixed signals about energy, said Sen. Robert Menendez
(D-N.J.). "The administration issued a clean-energy challenge. And then they banished the leaders who answered that call from the Mall," Menendez said. "That simply does not make sense.''

The administration hasn't made dealing with its decision easy. According to the students, Energy Department officials have refused to communicate, other than issuing news releases. An Energy Department spokeswoman said the department has yet to name an alternative site and would not confirm or deny rumors that it is considering National Harbor in Prince George's County [Maryland].

That's right across the Potomac River from MRC's headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia. But publicity-wise, it might as well be Siberia. Will anyone else in the national media notice when liberals fight?

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