Ed Schultz Bashes Michele Bachmann for Doing Same Thing Obama Did in 2008

Just how ignorant of politics and recent history is MSNBC's Ed Schultz?

Well, on Friday, he attacked Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) for giving a competing response to the upcoming State of the Union address even though presidential candidate Barack Obama did the same thing in 2008 (video follows with transcript and commentary):

SCHULTZ: Welcome back to THE ED SHOW, the "Battleground" story tonight: Da Bears. No, that`s coming up later. Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is setting herself up for a presidential run. She`s in Iowa tonight speaking at an Iowans for Tax Relief event, and she`s meeting with the top Republicans in the state. Bachmann has been floated as a potential challenger to Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar in 2012, but folks, look, she wants something bigger than that. She wants it all. She wants the Oval Office.

Today, the Tea Party Express announced that Bachmann will give her own response to the State of the Union address. I think this is unbelievable. Has anybody else ever done this? Not only is Bachmann trying to put herself on equal footing with the President of the United States, she`s undermining her own party. Lots of loyalty there, huh? The Republicans already chose someone to give the response and that`s budget chair Paul Ryan, but Bachmann is going to rogue. I guess, you could say she`s going rogue.

As the folks at The Blaze reported Saturday, the official Democrat response to George W. Bush's final State of the Union address on January 28, 2008, was made by then Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius.

However, then Sen. Barack Obama gave his own response at his campaign website.

The Huffington Post even reported the news that evening with a full transcript of his comments and the video:

As the Daily Caller reported Friday, Bachmann's response next week will be broadcast online. As such, what makes it any different than what Obama did three years ago?

I guess that answers Schultz's question, "Has anybody else ever done this?"

Nice job, Ed. Your employers must be so proud of you.

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