Brady Campaign Leapt Into Tucson Fundraising Action

While a wave of conservatives denounced the flagrant act of  socialist Sen. Bernard Sanders sending out a fundraising letter on Tuesday, Cam Edwards at sends along another example. Sarah Brady also sent out a fundraising appeal for the anti-gun rights Brady Campaign on Thursday, complete with the usual photos of the Reagan assassination scene in 1981 where her husband Jim was shot:

Dear Friend,

Now is the time for tears, and to mourn the loss of life.  [And apparently to cash in. Ka-ching!] My heart goes out to Rep. Giffords's family and all the victims of Saturday's shooting.  Jim and I know all too well their pain.  As Jim said on CNN yesterday, "been there, know that." 

Now is also the time to ask "why?".  Why do these mass shootings continue to happen?

After Jim was shot I asked that question and the answer was clear — because of our weak gun laws.  And they are still too weak.

Help us stop another mass shooting.
Make a donation today.

I am upset that it takes another mass shooting, like the one in Tucson, for the nation to turn its attention to gun violence prevention.  We need that attention every day.

This is not about more protection for members of Congress — it's about protecting the American people.  And it's certainly not about pushing for more guns in more places all the time.  If more guns reduced gun violence, we'd be the safest country in the world.

Now is the time to stand with the Brady Campaign for the common sense solutions that can help prevent another mass shooting like the one in Tucson.

The worst thing we can do now is do nothing.  It is not enough to offer our prayers and sympathies.  We must work to prevent another shooting.  Make a donation today to help us stop gun violence.

Sarah and Jim Brady were interviewed by CNN reporter Jim Acosta on Wednesday's edition of The Situation Room, and Mrs. Brady was hammering both the NRA and the wimpy liberals who won't whip them:

ACOSTA: The National Rifle Association is very powerful up on Capitol Hill.

SARAH BRADY: Extremely.

ACOSTA: Democrats won't cross them now.

SARAH BRADY: I know, but there are going to be some brave souls, I think, that are going to speak up. And I think we ought to honor them, and to say we want more courageous leaders. I'm a little sick of wimps up there.

ACOSTA: You think there are wimps up there?

SARAH BRADY: I think they're a bunch of wimps.

AmmoLand also has an example from Brady Campaign president Paul Helmke -- on Tuesday.

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