Jon Stewart Staffer: I'd Shoot QB Tim Tebow Before Osama bin Laden

Jon Stewart's bold statements about creating more of a "Rally for Sanity" sphere for civility in public discourse certainly aren't rubbing off on his employees. Daily Show correspondent John Oliver proclaimed in a "comedy" routine that he hated Denver Broncos quarterback/Christian missionary Tim Tebow so much he'd shoot him before he'd shoot Osama bin Laden. Barry Rothbard at Power Grid posted video of this jaw-dropping attempt at laughs:

I dislike Robert Mugabe. I hate Tim Tebow. If I was in a room with Tim Tebow and Bin Laden and I had a gun with one bullet in it, I’d shoot Bin Laden. I’m not a monster. But if I had two bullets – I’d shoot Tim Tebow first.

How dare you thank God before thanking your offensive line…If I was an offensive lineman for Tim Tebow and I heard him thank god instead of thanking me at the end of the game I’d find myself lining up for the following game and say ‘oh Tim I heard your press conference at the end of the game last week, great to hear Jesus get a shoutout. Wasn’t he fantastic for us? Wasn’t God great, especially in that fourth quarter?

Surely Tebow's linemen would understand his offering thanks to God as a declaration that without God, he'd never be worthy to be standing behind the talented linemen in front of him. But Oliver couldn't resist the chance to mock the evangelical Christian.

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