Schultz Scared Border Troops Given 'Shoot To Kill' Orders

"Psycho Talk" is a regular segment on Ed Schultz's regular MSNBC show.  But after his bizarre outburst this evening, you really have to wonder whether Ed's the one ready for the rubber room . . .

Interviewing a liberal Dem congressman, Schultz expressed concern that the 1,200 National Guard troops that Pres. Obama has ordered to the Mexican border may have been issued "shoot to kill" orders.

Ed, have you forgotten who's Commander-in-Chief?  If you're truly worried that the president has issued shoot-to-kill orders on illegal immigrants, then PBO is certainly in much worse political shape than even the most pessimistic observers have imagined.

Schultz indulged his paranoid fantasy while chatting with far-left Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Illinois).

ED SCHULTZ: Let's move now to Illinois congressman Luis Gutierrez, member of the Hispanic Caucus.  Congressman, how do you feel about the troops being on the border, and give us some clarification: what are they there for? . . . Are they going to be doing a law-enforcement mission, or are they doing a military mission, and are they going to be involved in some real high-tech operations?  I think there's a real disconnect.  We understand border security, but, I mean, is this shoot-to-kill?  What is this?

What is this?  I'd say it's Schultz going way off the deep end. I'd say rather than shoot-to-kill, it's more likely PBO would order the troops to greet illegals with the Arizona equivalent of leis: "aloha, pilgrim!"

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