Petition Against Cheney With Only 150 Signatures in a Year Draws AP Coverage

Ill will against former Vice President Dick Cheney still runs high in some circles.

So high, in fact, that when the University of Wyoming decided to name an international student center after him, Suzanne Pelican began circulating a petition against it last year. One year later, that petition has earned 150 signatures and an Associated Press story.

In a story titled “Protest brews over Cheney center at Univ. of Wyo.” AP reporter Mead Gruver writes:

The university's decision to name the center after Cheney, a former Wyoming congressman, prompted a petition that collected more than 150 signatures.

The petition said polices of the Bush administration were "very controversial" and the name will affect how people perceive the center. Cheney's support for harsh interrogations — torture, some say — is one reason to oppose naming the center after him, said Suzanne Pelican, who began circulating the petition a year ago.

One hundred fifty signatures in a year? That must be some kind of organizing.

At the Bloomington, Indiana Tea Party I attended on April 15, the organizers got 577 signatures in a matter of hours.

Hat tip to Gay Patriot who comments:

Wow, we got thrice that in an afternoon at a Tea Party in Santa Monica, one of the most left-wing bastions in the Golden State. And we didn’t have a an AP report from that grassroots protest leading Yahoo!’s news.
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