On the Same Night NBC Stars Honor Brit Hume, Olbermann Uses Krugman to Trash Him

At the same time NBC's Brian Williams and Andrea Mitchell were drinking and snacking at a D.C. event hosted by Fox News honoring Brit Hume’s career on Thursday night, Keith Olbermann was busy insulting and demeaning him.

Olbermann couldn’t stand the idea that anyone would claim that the New Deal failed to end the Depression: "Also, did you know everybody now agrees the New Deal failed, everybody. Apparently, Brit Hume held a vote. It was unanimous, FDR sucked, ahead in Worst Persons." Hume came in third in that night's Worst Person in the World contest:

The bronze to Brit Hume of Fox Noise, now in the rewriting history department over there. "Everybody agrees, I think, on both sides of the spectrum now that the New Deal failed. The debate is over why it failed." Sure. Everybody, except the most recent Nobel Prize laureate in economics, Paul Krugman, who just wrote that the New Deal`s long term achievements remain the bedrock of our nation`s economic stability, and except for probably a majority of economists, economic professors. But Brit Hume agrees with Brit Hume. That will show that damn Roosevelt.

How Olbermannic. Hume was bested in the "Worser" and "Worst categories," predictably, by blogger/columnist Michelle Malkin and Keith’s favorite obsession, Bill O’Reilly.

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