USA Today Story on White Supremacists Subtly Suggests GOP Home to Bigots

photo by Steve Mitchell, USA Today | NewsBusters.orgIn her October 21 article, "White supremacists target middle America," USA Today's Marisol Bello took a look at how hate groups are trying to go more "mainstream" by ditching Nazi armbands, brown shirts and white sheets and going for a more "middle class" look. While there is merit in covering such a story, Bello and/or her editors unfortunately chose to color the piece in a way that reflected negatively on the GOP by featuring with the article the photo shown at right with this caption:

Derek Black, left, gets help from his father, Don, on his Internet radio show Sunday in Lake Worth Fla. Don Black is a former Ku Klux Klan leader, and Derek holds a seat on the Palm Beach County, Fla., GOP committee.

The photo and caption appear above the headline on USA Today's online edition. Yet the Blacks were just two of numerous white supremacists featured in the story and it took Bello until paragraph 26 out of 28 to note that the Palm Beach GOP is "trying to unseat him [Derek Black] after learning of his white supremacist ties."

Photo by Steve Mitchell for USA Today.

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