WaPo Highlights 'President Obama' Painting

We have to mark this down in the "this is news?" category, but the Washington Post has decided that it would be newsworthy to report on some guy who has already painted a "President Obama" painting to hang in the White House upon coronation... er, I mean election. No, seriously. This really is news! Heck, why else would they report this if it wasn't real news? Do ya think they're in the tank er something? As if.

So, here is the heartwarming story of a propagandist with a lose brush painting what is supposed to pass for "art," a wunnerful depiction of the Messiah looking somewhat Soviet-like in style, chin lifted, gazing off into the distance at the future.

Apparently, the artist painted a portrait of Thurgood Marshall that Obama has had loaned to him to hang in his Senate office. And he is ready to pass this newest picture on to his dear leader, the Obamessiah, to hang in the Imperial offices.

"The painting is on hold and ready for when he walks into the Oval Office," says Chaz Guest, the artist who painted it. Guest tells us the painting will be on loan to Senator/Possibly President Obama from the DuSable Museum of African American History in Chicago "until it is official."

OK. Great. And I wonder.... so what? Why is this news? Why do we care? Is the artist a disabled man who painted it with his teeth? Did the painting reunite long lost lovers or serve to inspire a community to great efforts? Is this tale some great human interest story? No, not really.

Now, were I a member of the Obama campaign I would not be too happy with this ridiculous story. Obama already has the reputation as an imperial-acting, disconnected, arrogant fellow who imagines himself the messiah and this story doesn't help make the candidate look any more approachable. In fact, it adds quite a bit to the impression that the man imagines himself more than president, but monarch.

Naturally, we get a little hint of what the artist really wants... cash.

The artist sure seems confident that his portrait will be hanging in the Oval Office come next year. Perhaps there will be serigraphs (silkscreen prints) created of the painting of Sen. Obama at a later date," Guest told the Sleuth via email.

Yeah, imagine that. He'll be selling "serigraphs" soon.

One thing we should remember, though. The Washington Post is not in the tank for Obama. This story is just an average, common, story of interest not meant to further the idea that Obama is already president. No way. No how.

It's real news. Really. It is.

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