AP: 'McCain, Nearly 72, Can Be Fuzzy And Forgetful'

Associated Press writer Douglass K. Daniel today reports "A housing issue: McCain not sure how many they own."  The article points out that John and Cindy McCain are affluent.  It then links McCain's age with his difficulty in responding to the question of "how many houses he and his wealthy wife actually own:"

With most Americans feeling the pinch of a worsening economy, the remark allows McCain's opponents to suggest that he personally is far beyond its grip and cannot feel their pain. It also displays the vast wealth of the McCains — his wife Cindy's fortune has been estimated at $100 million. It's also another example of how McCain, nearly 72, can be fuzzy and forgetful on some facts.

Not mentioned are the several examples of Barack Obama being fuzzy and forgetful on some facts.  In a May, 2008 TV interview he repeatedly called Matt Lauer “Tim.” In late April, he advised a North Carolina crowd that it was March. He has even mentioned there are 57 states. Perhaps his most notable memory loss is the one associated with Reverend Jeremiah Wright. After 20 years, Obama couldn’t remember a single objectionable comment from his former pastor. In similar vein, the candidate appears to have forgotten his positions on a wide array of issues ranging from Iraq to gun control.

The mainstream media focus on John McCain's age.  What explanation do they have for Obama's confusion?  Then again, perhaps one isn't needed;  they don't harp on the Democrat's fuzziness and forgetfulness.

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