Joy Behar: 'Obama and Hillary Have Empowered Me'

Joy Behar couldn’t call her city councilman before Senators Obama and Clinton ran for president? That is what "The View" co-host suggested on the June 11 edition. Complaining about the condition of her neighborhood sidewalk, Behar finally called her city councilman because "Obama and Hillary have empowered me to take charge of my personal politics." Sherri Shepherd enthusiastically replied "you’re ready for a change, yes."

Earlier in the show, the panel shared their experiences weathering the severe storm that hit New York City the previous night. Like clockwork, Behar blamed the storm on global warming stating "there’s a little bit of weirdness going on, you have to admit it, in the world weatherwise." When Sherri Shepherd asked if that results from "the global warming," Behar snapped "of course!" Behar has previously gone so far as to blame earthquakes on global warming.

Barbara Walters politely disagreed. Although conceding Joy’s point that the weather has been odd lately, she was "not sure it’s just now." This is quite a contrast from the Barbara Walters two years ago, who blamed a string of storms on global warming.

The relevant portions of the transcript are below.

JOY BEHAR: There’s a little bit of a weirdness going on, you have to admit it, in the world, weatherwise.

SHERRI SHEPHERD: Is it the global warming?

BEHAR: Of course!

BARBARA WALTERS: We’ve had, but I’m not sure it’s just now. There have been quakes and-

BEHAR: Not like this.

WALTERS: -and floods, well, you know.


BEHAR: What’s happening in my neighborhood is that I am falling in the streets all of the time. Now, I don’t have anything wrong with me. I check myself out. I fall off my shoes, and I fall into holes. Other friends of mine are falling into holes. There’s a big flood in my building every time there’s a rain storm. There’s more poop, dog poop, on the streets lately. There are more people who seem to be indigent around and so-

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: What did you do?

BEHAR: Obama and Hillary have empowered me to take charge of my personal politics.

SHEPHERD: You’re ready for a change, yes.


BEHAR: So I have called up my local city councilman and I have complained. It happens to be related to someone who used to be on this show. That’s just coincidentally.

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