NPR Overcomes Fox News Aversion in Iraq

NPR war correspondent Anne Garrels spoke to students at Northwestern University recently and acknowledged the widely held belief that NPR's on the liberal end of the media spectrum that holds Fox News Channel in contempt. But in Baghdad, the two media outlets formed what Garrels called the "most unlikely of partnerships." Reported the Daily Northwestern:   

Garrels, who spoke as part of the Crain Lecture Series, said NPR had been struggling with power; they received electricity from Baghdad's grid for only two hours a day.

Someone from Fox News offered to share the station's generator with NPR, which Garrels said it initially rejected.

"My boss said, 'Not on your Nelly,' " Garrels said. "But no Fox, no power and eventually saner minds prevailed. People do help each other out in Baghdad a lot."

Not on your Nelly? This would lead one to suspect the NPR boss is not an American, or perhaps spent a lot of time in London. It's described as "Cockney rhyming slang for not on your life."

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