Headline of the Weekend: Shark Attacks Blamed on Global Warming

The leftist British newspaper The Guardian carried the headline of the weekend:

Surge in fatal shark attacks blamed on global warming

Four recent fatal shark attacks pushed the media to contact the shark-bite gurus to find out what could be causing the phenomenon, and it must be the humans' fault for being too active at the beach and too willing to drive SUVs, apparently:

'The one thing that's affecting shark attacks more than anything else is human activity,' said Dr George Burgess of Florida University, a shark expert who maintains the database. 'As the population continues to rise, so does the number of people in the water for recreation. And as long as we have an increase in human hours in the water, we will have an increase in shark bites.'

Some experts suggest that an abundance of seals has attracted high numbers of sharks, while others believe that overfishing has hit their food chain. 'I'm not saying it doesn't happen, but it's a convenient excuse,' Burgess said. Another contributory factor to the location of shark attacks could be global warming and rising sea temperatures. 'You'll find that some species will begin to appear in places they didn't in the past with some regularity,' he said.

So the headline could be "Experts guess wildly at what could be causing shark attacks, but it's clearly the fault of the humans." Then when liberals and leftists start mocking how conservatives lack compassion, let's consider this statement late in the story from Dr. Burgess:

'It's the equivalent of stepping on to the plains of the Serengeti when you step into the water,' Burgess said. 'It's not like a swimming pool. This is a wilderness experience and with it comes a certain amount of risk.'

On its face, this statement is obvious, but one can also read into it a certain contempt for humans, that they're completely ignorant of danger and they arrograntly think the world is their swimming pool. Environmentalists often give off the vibe that the animals are much more worth saving and caring for than that menacing species known as the Tourist.

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