WaPo Takes Really Close Look at Giuliani Record on Closing Adult Businesses

The Washington Post is paying due diligence to one of Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani's accomplishments as mayor of the Big Apple: cleaning up 42nd Street from its seedy adult-oriented businesses.

Ah, but the adult video stores and strip clubs just moved a few blocks over, the Washington Post's Keith B. Richburg reminds us in his January 29 article. Richburg made sure he took an inside look at the matter, interviewing an exotic dancer while she was, uh, working:

At Lace, a strip club where topless young women offer private lap dances for $20 per song, most of the dancers seemed oblivious to the notion that the former mayor claims to have to rid Times Square of adult entertainment.

"In one sense, it's good," said Mia, a 22-year-old dyed-blond dancer from Belarus, pausing between songs while gyrating topless on a customer's lap. "If there are fewer clubs, then there's more money for us."

No word on who that customer was or how generous the Post's expense account policy is.

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