Cher and Lesbian Daughter Pitch 'Coming Out' Reality TV Show

The nation’s news media were hardly phased by MTV’s bisexual Tila Tequila dating series. Now London’s Daily Mail reports that America’s celebrity "reality" show sweepstakes may include a new out-and-proud gay series – starring Cher and her lesbian daughter, Chastity Bono. The show, currently pitched as "Coming Out with Cher and Chas," would feature the former TV stars helping gays "come out" to their parents on television.

It does not have the ring of a sure-fire ratings hit, but the couple have said the series could be as big as The Osbournes (which might explain Cher's apparent metamorphosis into the Black Sabbath frontman).

Last night a U.S. source said: "Cher and Chas believe they are on to a winner and have been setting up meetings with the major networks."

"They'd like a bidding war between the stations. It's no secret they have had problems in their relationship and they think that makes them ideal to offer advice to those who are going through the same thing. They are looking to give their careers a lift and are promising producers there will be on-air fireworks between them."

...One Hollywood source said about the reality TV show: "They see themselves as a bit like Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne who won't be afraid to have a rant at each other on camera."

Will this be a bidding war between the pro-gay promoters of Viacom's MTV properties or NBC Universal's Bravo network?

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