Two Spins on Tom Brady: From a Cheney Smirk to a Clinton Toast

Tom Brady is the glitzy quarterback of the NFL's flashiest undefeated juggernaut, the New England Patriots. But columnists seem to be plopping Brady into several different political slots. On the ESPN website, former Newsweek writer Gregg Easterbrook wrote of how he saw the matchup between the Indianapolis Colts (good guys) and the Patriots (dishonesty, arrogance, hubris), and somehow, surprise, the liberal writer finds that dishonest hubris translates well to Cheney:

The team's star, Tom Brady, is a smirking sybarite who dates actresses and supermodels but whose public charity appearances are infrequent. That constant smirk on Brady's face reminds one of Dick Cheney; people who smirk are fairly broadcasting the message, "I'm hiding something."

But from the New York Post's Page Six comes news that perhaps that the Cheney metaphor has no relation to reality: "TOM Brady celebrating his record six touchdown passes with his supermodel girlfriend, Gisele Bundchen, at Prime 112 in South Beach, where Bill Clinton introduced him to his party as "the greatest quarterback in the world."

(HT: Tom Johnson, Paul Smith)

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