Bill O’Reilly Takes on JetBlue’s Sponsorship of Daily Kos Convention

According to Bill O’Reilly’s website, the Fox News host Monday evening will be taking on a decision by airliner JetBlue to sponsor YearlyKos, the second annual convention of Daily Kos and company:

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JetBlue and the radical left

Why would JetBlue sponsor a hateful far-left website? We'll discuss it.

This information was obviously made available to the Kossacks, as regular DK diarist mcjoan had plenty to say on the subject in a posting early Monday (h/t Charles Johnson, emphasis added throughout):

Bill O'Reilly has discovered that sometimes people say stupid things on the Internet. And he's going to have a big story about it tonight, supposedly.

He's decided to play David to what he imagines is a corporate Goliath, JetBlue, because they're one of the sponsors of YearlyKos. This is undoubtedly happening on Murdoch's orders: Markos led the way in getting the Democratic presidential candidates to boycott the Fox debate, and we're going to be having a Democratic presidential candidates forum at YearlyKos.

So they ambushed JetBlue's CEO outside of his apartment last week, demanding to know why he was sponsoring people who are mean. Meaning they cherrypicked the worst of the comments on Daily Kos, many which were probably from GOP trolls anyway, and found a couple of 9/11 conspiracy diaries and are trying to smear the whole of the lefty blogosphere with a handful of kooks who've been banned from the site for being, well, kooks.

This cherry-picking defense by mcjoan is rather laughable. After all, when a virtually unknown blogger named Spocko tried to get sponsors of conservative radio station KSFO to pull their ads in January by sending them cherry-picked, out of context quotes made by various hosts, the folks at Daily Kos were largely responsible for disseminating the story throughout the liberal blogosphere.

In fact, as NewsBusters reported on January 15, a January 3 diary posted at DKos by contributor Mike Stark was what got Spocko’s campaign going throughout the netroots.

I guess when the Kossacks want to bring down some entity they don't like by presenting cherry-picked comments, that's fine. But, when the shoe is on the other foot, they think it's inappropriate behavior.

Hysterically, this is just another example of the liberal mantra “Do as I Say, Not as I Do!”

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