Dennis Miller Tears Sen. Harry Reid Apart on FNC’s ‘1/2 Hour News Hour’

On Sunday night’s “1/2 Hour News Hour,” comedian Dennis Miller gave Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) the on-air tongue-lashing that every conservative in America has longed for since Reid replaced Tom Daschle as the Democrats’ top guy in that chamber of Congress.

In a two and a half-minute evisceration, Miller referred to Reid as a “dim bulb” stating that he’s had it with the Senator’s “projectile naysaying” while deliciously presenting his views “with no due respect.”

For your entertainment pleasure, here are some of the highlights (video available here, h/t Hot Air):

  • Whenever I see Reid speak, I half expect to see Marg Helgenberger and the CSI team run out and put a chalk outline around the podium
  • To quote the great Stephen Boyd, the constant bring-down, from “We killed the Patriot Act,” to “We’ll gain House seats,” to his magnum opus “We’ve lost the war,” Reid has been unrelentingly bleak in his appraisal of the conflict of our lifetime. I think he believes that getting his negative comments in early could be the one chance that a nonentity like he has at a place in history
  • Senator, only in the off-the-rack culture that we currently have could a whiny hack like you somehow rise to a position of leadership
  • The bad guys look to you to reinforce the belief that we are the weak horse and eminently conquerable. You are making that assertion so easy for them that they no doubt view you as the derriere of said horse
  • You are a vague, translucent, living shade who barely matters, and if you really want to serve the country that affords a trifle like you the opportunity to delude himself into thinking that he matters, you must never ever speak out loud in public again!

Bravo, Dennis. Bravo.

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