'Today' Tags W's Warm Welcome in Eastern Europe 'Over the Top'

Can you remember the last time you heard "Today" or other MSM outlets describe, in terms such as "over the top," rabid anti-Bush protests by the likes of the Cindy Sheehan crowd, the Code Pink girls, or the folks pictured below ?  Neither can I. Conversely, when Bill Clinton receives enthusiastic receptions overseas, the MSM breaks out the "rock-star" analogies, with no sarcasm in sight.

But let President Bush receive a warm welcome from Eastern European crowds who appreciate his leadership on behalf of their freedom, and "Today" just can't take it.

On this morning's "Today" at 7:04 am EDT, NBC's Kelly O'Donnell reported from Bulgaria on the president's European trip, in which crowds in Bulgaria and notably in Albania greeted him very enthusiastically.

NBC CORRESPONDENT KELLY O'DONNELL: We've seen the president get a warm, sometimes over-the-top reaction here in Eastern Europe where countries send troops to Iraq and also generally back the president. So he may not be all that anxious to get back to Washington."

View video here.

A similar phenomenon over at Good Morning America, where Chris son-of-Mario Cuomo mocked:

GOOD MORNING AMERICA CO-HOST CHRIS CUOMO: So maybe that's where he goes after the president's over. He winds up moving to Albania and becomes the Big Man on Campus.

Actually, Chris, it's Democrats who typically declare their intention to leave the country, though they rarely follow through on their promises.

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