Rosie Ratifies Troops As Terrorists Suggestion on Her Blog

NewsBusters reader Bender messaged me earlier noting that, given an opportunity to explain her views on American troops and terrorism, Rosie O'Donnell made no effort to clear the air on her blog in a posting the evening of May 23 at

Here's the relevant exchange:

Desmond writes:

i totally agree with your assesment of the
troops in Iraq. terrorism is using voilence to acheive a political
end…is war not voilent? are we not using it to acheive a political end?

desmond - yes

As NewsBusters has reported previously, Chris Matthews has said while he agrees with Rosie's anti-war sentiment, her smear of the troops was a bridge too far.

It's notable that in her dust-ups with Rosie, "View" co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck insisted that she didn't believe Rosie considers American troops to be terrorists, but that Rosie should take responsibility for her comments by giving her audience a more thorough explanation of her at best questionable comments.

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