Obama’s $162,100 Salary ‘Modest’ According to CNN

It must be tough to be a network anchor. Ask John Roberts of CNN. His definition of a “modest” salary is $162,100.

That’s how the “American Morning” anchor described Sen. Barack Obama’s (D-Ill.) annual salary of $162,100. He also called the Obama family incomes of “$470,000 up to $1.4 million” “pretty modest” during the May 17 report. Roberts used the word “modest” three different times to depict some part of Obama’s financial life.

In other words – nearly four times the median household income. The median household income in the United States is $46,326, according to the U.S. Census. That’s 29 percent of Obama’s “modest” Senate income and about 10 percent of the “pretty modest” amount the Obamas declared as the low end of what they earned last year.

“So, so they’ve obviously, they’ve got a very modest property and, obviously, the income that you get, too, when you're a senator is modest,” Roberts explained, modestly. Internet reporter Jacki Schechner added “in comparison, yeah.”

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