Muslim YouTube Users Unite to Promote Religion

If you've ever wondered why stories critical of Islam are often dropped off sites like YouTube and Digg, look no further than this email currently being circulated among YouTube users encouraging the formation of a private group to promote Islam through gaming YouTube's favorites system:

From: ...

Date: May 14, 2007, 11:18 AM

Subject: salam

to all muslim brothers and sisters please read

Our Islamic videos will not get full attention unless they come in
the top ranked videos in youtube. For this purpose we all Muslims have
to rate the videos to 5 stars and have to add them to our favorites.
This will not be achieved if we Muslim Youtubers are scattered, i.e.,
one muslim rating one video and other muslim rating another. So we have
to be highly organized. We will do a massive campaign of focusing to
rate a single video collectively at once, so that it can show up on the
top videos at least in the “Today’s top videos” list.

Doing this job in an open broadcast or in a public group is not a good idea.
So it should be done in a private group. I have made the private group
with the name: Burn the Boats. The group URL is in accordance to its
goal as:

How to act immediately?

1- If a memeber wants a video to rate 5 stars and to be added as
favorite video and to add a comment in video, then he will send the
video link as:

Good Video:

2- If a memeber wants a video to rate to 1 star and as an inappropriate video, then he will send the video link as :

Bad Video:

(Link sender must mention if it should be rated as hatespeech or graphical violence etc.)

#### Please propagate this message to the youtubers who are confirmed to be Muslims. ###

Do not send this message to any person who you doubt if he is Muslim
or not. Any brother/sister who wants an invitation to the group, he can
send me a short personal message.


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