'Early Show' Uses Feature Story to Lobby Congress on Global Warming Alarmism

"Early Show’s" cheery weatherman Dave Price used his forum to feature Dan Lewis, Starbucks regional marketing manager, and Matt Petersen, the CEO of, Global Green USA, a left wing environmental group.

While much of the story focused on what individuals can do to save the planet, Petersen noted that "global warming is a serious issue, and we need our leaders in Washington to act, our corporate leaders to act." Petersen also encouraged the viewers to "send a message to Washington" about what viewers "think they should be doing about global warming."

The featured interest group, Global Green USA, is a left wing environmental group founded by former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. Its most notable campaign is "The Pledge of Allegiance to American Energy Independence" where it calls on the Congress to take action combating global warming. The transcript is below.

DAVE PRICE: Does it look like an early summer here on the plaza or what, with all the beautiful greenery around us? Well, you know what? With these umbrellas out, because the people at Starbucks, our buddies, are unveiling their new campaign "green umbrellas for a green cause." And here to tell us about it are Dan Lewis, you've seen him before on this show, Starbuck's regional mucky muck in charge of -- what, marketing?


PRICE: There we go, and we have Matt Petersen, who's the president and CEO of Global Green USA. Hey, guys how are you?


LEWIS: I'm doing great.

PRICE: Over here, we have, Fetus, a world famous graffiti artist from New York. And of course I am fully developed male. Nice to see you, Fetus. We'll see you in a couple of minutes. Look guys tell us a little about this whole green campaign. What's it all about now?

LEWIS: First of all, I just want to say we're very excited to be here to launch summer at Starbucks with our new summer beverages and the green umbrellas for a green cause campaign. And each umbrella, as you can see here, is one of a kind design. It's created by environmentally conscious celebrities like America Ferrera. We've got one from Chad Lowe. We've got Lance Bass and the New York cast of "Chicago" as well, among others. And from May 21st to May 31st we'll be auctioning off the umbrellas online, and all of the money will go to Global Green USA.

PRICE: Terrific, so awareness is really where you guys step in and fund-raising as well. Now let's talk a little bit. Everyone talks about green now. It's become hip to talk about being green. But what really can each individual person do to make our world a better place environmentally?

PETERSEN: Well, global warming's a real serious issue, and we need our leaders in Washington to act, our corporate leaders to act. But individuals can really make a difference in fighting global warming by reducing their energy use. Simple easy fact: Using compact fluorescent or energy saving light bulbs. If you replace three in your home, you would reduce global warming emission, emissions significantly, and you'd save $60 a year. You could take off, if every American did that we'd take the equivalent of 7.5 million cars off the road. We've done a game with Starbucks called "planetgreengame.com" where you can go learn more about global warming, things you can do. And you can send a message to Washington to even see of Starbucks about what you think they should be doing about global warming.

PRICE: Terrific. Now, keep in mind, if you want more of these great ways to stay green, you can log on to our website. And of course, Fetus doing his part. And as we check the weather I'm also going to do a little graffiti here, and we'll get our own "Early Show" umbrella up and running as well.

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