Carlson Convenes Bunny Ranch Workers to Discuss Oldest Profession's Ethics

Tucker Carlson is a self-described libertarian who mentioned more than once this morning that in he has in the past supported fellow libertarian Ron Paul for president. Little wonder, then, that Carlson takes a live-and-let-love attitude toward the escort-service scandal that is threatening to rock Washington.

For those who have not been following the case, Deborah Jeane Palfrey, the so-called "DC Madam," owner of an escort agency, turned her clients' phone numbers over to ABC. On tomorrow's "20/20," ABC is apparently planning to disclose the names of some of those clients, who are reported to include Bush administration officials, prominent lobbyists, CEOs and the head of a conservative think tank.

To discuss the ethical issues involved, Carlson had as guests on the early-morning version of his show today the owner of the legal-in-Nevada Moonlight Bunny Ranch, Dennis Hof, and two of his employees, Audrey and Brooke. MSNBC has shaken up its lineup today to provide all-day pre-game coverage of tonight's GOP debate.

The highlight of the segment was this exchange between Carlson and the two women.

View video here.

MSNBC HOST TUCKER CARLSON: Maybe Audrey and Brooke can speak to this. The temptation must be if someone famous comes in, and you see that famous person naked, the temptation must be to tell all your friends about it. It's tempting, isn't it?

BUNNY RANCH WORKER BROOKE TAYLOR: No, it's exactly the opposite. I enjoy telling people that I've been with someone they might be interested in knowing but not telling them. It's fun.


Then came the line of the day.

BUNNY RANCH WORKER AUDREY: I think every business has a code of ethics and we certainly do as well.

Insert joke about ethics, DC bigwigs and Audrey's business here.

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