Harry Smith's Short Historical Memory

Sometimes, TV news stars have very short historical memories. Take Harry Smith, host of The Early Show on CBS. In Wednesday's "Capital Bob" segment with Bob Schieffer, Smith suggested the squabbling between the White House and Congress is at an all-time low in togetherness. He wondered if at any time in "recent history" there's been such a desperate impasse. Earth to Harry: remember the Bill Clinton impeachment of 1998?

You had to at least smile that Smith would suggest that Bob Schieffer's experienced much more than merely "recent history" in his long career at CBS:

SMITH: Well, let's talk about this a little bit, because the White House, you know, pulled no punches last week when Nancy Pelosi went to the Middle East. I mean, they were absolutely incensed by this. In your time in Washington, in recent history anyway, have you ever seen a situation where the legislative branch and the executive branch seemed to be so at odds?

SCHIEFFER: Well, certainly back during the Vietnam era, we saw much the same thing, and finally, in the end the Congress did cut off the funds...

Is that the way they see unfolding history at CBS now, that soon they can say with some relief that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats "finally" cut off the funds to sustain the mission in Iraq?

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