WashPost 'Home' Section Features Sally Quinn's Favorite Nixon-Hating Household Items

One frustrating thing about the Washington Post is you can't really throw out any section of the paper before scanning it for liberal bias. Take Thursday's Home section, newly redesigned. The big feature is by Sally Quinn, the wife of longtime Post executive editor Ben Bradlee. Her liberalism seeps in as she recalls her favorite household objects. In a photo on the section's front page, she points to her desk, bought in Newport, Rhode Island: "I was on assignment there the day that Jerry Ford pardoned Nixon. I was so distraught I couldn't work, so I went shopping."

Inside Home, she shows another picture of a household favorite in a frame: "The most fun thing, though, is in the adjacent powder room. It is a copy of notes taken by H.R. Haldeman as dictated by Richard Nixon. It reads: 'Never invite Sally Quinn. Violated the rules and attacked a guest at church.'" 

Julia Seymour found feminist bias in the Sports section on Thursday, too.

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