ABC's Tahman Bradley Interned for People for the American Way

Earlier today, NewsBusters senior editor Tim Graham wrote about ABC's Tahman Bradley and his coverage of President Bush's recess appointment of Sam Fox as ambassador to Belgium. The headline for Bradley's story read like that of a left-wing press release: "Bush Swift Boats Belgium, Congress."

Well, blogger Myra Langerhas of "Snarking Dawg" might have found the reason for Bradley's slanted treatment. The Howard University alumnus (Class of 2006) was active in College Democrats and was a 2005 Fellow for People for the American Way, according to a Web site for the left-wing interest group:

Tahman Bradley

YP4 Fellowship Class: 2005
Campus: Howard University
Graduation Year: 2006
Major: Journalism
Birthday: November 13
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Campus Involvement: College Democrats, The Hilltop Campus Newspaper

Fortune favors the bold.

Curiously Bradley's fellowship went unmentioned on his ABC News profile, even though he works for the ABC political unit and the information is germane to his background and biases as a political reporter:

Tahman Bradley is an ABC News field producer
based in the network's Washington bureau. He covers national politics,
contributing content to the various platforms at ABC News. Prior to
joining the ABC News Political Unit, Bradley was a Carnegie Fellow
working on special projects with the ABC News Investigative Unit in New
York. Bradley is a graduate of Howard University, where he studied
journalism and political science.
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