‘Sydney Blacks Out for Global Warming.’ Wanna Bet?

That was the headline on the AP story, claiming that Sydney went “black.” The much-ballyhooed event actually fizzled and the same story said “that the city’s patchwork of millions of tiny lights had thinned, not disappeared.”

Still the eco-elite couldn’t grasp that the lights did not go out on Sydney. Sure, the city government turned out some of the lights and so did some restaurants, but the city stayed amazingly bright – unlike the clueless lefties who claimed otherwise.

Oscar-winning actress Cate Blanchett was there to watch and claimed “It’s an hour of active, thoughtful darkness, a celebration of our awakening to climate-change action.”

This was sort of a media offset. Blanchett said one thing, but another was really happening. Here’s a quote from an ordinary citizen watching the same event. “‘We were expecting a big difference straight away, but it was just a little bit.’”

The April Fool’s Day Washington Post appropriately showed both photos and, while the city got a bit darker, it still glows like a city quite open for business.

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